Rubber Feet

Bumper Specialties, Inc. is the worldwide leading manufacturer of rubber bumper feet. Our rubber feet, or adhesive rubber feet, are used on thousands of different applications. They are made in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of our customers. Our only focus and business is manufacturing protective rubber feet, and we are happy to share with you the 20+ years it has taken us to perfect the process of producing the highest quality bumpers in the industry. Our first priority at Bumper Specialties is to provide our customers with quality products, competitive prices, and the most excellent service.

Made in the USA

Manufactured In the USABumper Specialties is proud to be an American manufacturer producing rubber feet in the USA since 1989. Our entire line of rubber feet, sometimes known as rubber caps, are made in-house at our 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in West Deptford, NJ. Our corporate offices are located under the same roof, allowing us better communication between departments and timely customer service. Although our bumper feet are made in the USA, we sell and ship our products all over the globe. We sell our bumper feet to over 70 countries, which is a testament to the quality of our products. Our polyurethane bumpers are also RoHS and WEEE compliant, meaning that our products are free from hazardous substances and safe from accidental ingestion. Based on our wide reach of representation, it is clear that other countries recognize the quality of our American-made products.

Rubber Feet Applications

Rubber Feet ApplicationsWith so many unique applications, our rubber feet are versatile products. Apply our self-adhesive rubber feet to the bottom of coasters or cutting boards to prevent them from scratching wood or glass tables. Stick on rubber bumpers on the corner of a cabinet door for added protection, dampening noise and prolonging the life of the cabinets. Other typical applications of our bumpers can be found in the furniture industry. Using our rubber feet for furniture seems to be very popular among manufacturers as well as users of various types of furniture. Our bumpers can be used as laptop rubber feet to prevent your laptop from sliding across your desk and protect the bottom from scratches. Place a rubber foot behind your picture frame to protect the wall. Rubber feet are used on the bottom of acrylic POP displays to prevent skidding on tabletops. Simply peel and stick the bumper feet to your required location. The application possibilities are endless. Look around, our self adhesive rubber bumper feet are everywhere!

Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

Bumper CategoriesOur most popular colors are clear bumper feet and black rubber feet. The crystal clear bumper feet, also known as plastic feet, are nearly invisible when used on colored or transparent surfaces. Every bumper foot in our line is available in clear and black as a standard inventory item. Additional colored bumper feet that we carry are white, brown, and grey. Most bumper feet are stocked in every color and ready for shipment. Most colors are inventoried based on popularity. Please call us to confirm the availability of white, brown and grey. We manufacture square rubber feet, cylindrical rubber feet, domed rubber feet, and recessed rubber feet. We have also developed unique specialty shapes and sizes with rubber tips. Check out our Products page to find the right protective rubber foot for you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, a custom shaped bumper feet can be made (PDF).


BS-01 ClearHere at Bumper Specialties, we are proud of our reputation of manufacturing the highest quality rubber bumper feet which are sometimes referred to as rubber bumper pads. Our materials are made from the top chemical (poly PDF) and (adhesive PDF) companies in their respected industries. Consistency is important when manufacturing such a precise product. Our Quality Control department is trained in locating defective products and ensuring we only ship top-quality rubber feet to our customers. We make sure that our bumpers meet the customer's specifications. Over the years, we have gained many loyal customers that repeatedly express to us their appreciation of our quality standards. It is not only our rubber feet that are manufactured, packaged, and shipped with quality, but also our customer service.


BS-08 BlackWe at Bumper Specialties put a great deal of energy into manufacturing quality rubber feet, commonly called rubber stops, while maintaining a trained and friendly staff to service the customer. We know how important these goals are, and we understand that none of that matters unless our prices are competitive. Our customers' orders can range from one thousand bumper feet to millions of bumper feet. We give all our customers the same undivided attention, regardless of size, and will work with them on pricing to accommodate their needs.


BS-32 WhiteAt Bumper Specialties Inc. we pride ourselves in bringing you the best customer service experience possible. Every incoming phone call is answered by our friendly staff, with no automated directories. Our highly trained staff members are experts on rubber bumper feet. Rubber feet, or rubber stoppers, are the only products we manufacture, which focuses our Sales Team's knowledge. We are a family company and have a loyal staff that has been with Bumper Specialties since the beginning. There has never been a bumper foot request that we have not dealt with. If necessary, a salesperson will speak face-to-face with the production staff on the assembly line to solve any problems. This allows us to immediately assist our customers with any technical question they might have regarding bumper feet.

If you are searching for low cost, high quality rubber bumper stops, our Sales staff at Bumper Specialties will be happy assist you with your needs. We have the service and manufacturing capabilities to suit your every requirement and will make it our first priority to ensure your satisfaction when it comes to Rubber Feet.

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